Cheaper merchant services fee than cards*

When shoppers pay with their TillBilly credit. Plus, no chargeback fees either

Ability to accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies with assured settlement.

Attract cryptocurrency savvy customers without worrying about its price volatility.

* compared to the industry average of 1.5 - 3.5% merchant services fee.

Offer Better Customer Experience with Retail Intelligence

TillBilly will give your retail store the power of e-commerce - Customer Analytics. Create data driven tailored offers/promotions and recommendations to drive better customer experience and engagement.

Start a loyalty program with one click, or increase adoption of your existing loyalty program

Over 70% of the Shoppers forget to carry their loyalty cards, or simply cannot be bothered.

With TillBilly, the loyalty points are automatically credited when a subscribed shopper taps to pay or collect receipt - increasing your loyalty program adoption.

New shoppers can subscribe to your loyalty program with one click - without filling any forms.

Save thousands spent on thermal paper, and help protect the environment

An average store spends thousands on buying thermal paper every year. Save money on paper, reduce your carbon footprint and delight your customers with convenient and environmentally sustainable digital receipts.

Get Started now without changing your existing setup or complex integrations

Point of sale integrations are complex and costly. However TillBilly’s unique hardware terminals provides a universal solution that works as an add-on to an existing point of sale in a plug and play like model, so a merchant can get started without the costly and time consuming upgrades.

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