Many predict that cryptocurrencies will be the currency of the future. While we cannot see the future, we aim to solve the problems that’s keeping blockchain and cryptocurrencies from mass adoption by everyday shoppers and merchants today.

Solving Volatility

Everyday shoppers distrust cryptocurrency. And why wouldn’t they when they hear stories like how a man spent millions (10,000 BTC) to buy 2 pizzas in 2010!

To protect everyday Shoppers and Merchants from volatility in the value of cryptocurrency, TillBilly introduces a unique offering of “Crypto-Credits”. Crypto Credits are a closed loop cryptocurrency that provides shoppers a 1:1 assured value w.r.t fiat, and provides merchants assured settlement in Fiat. Learn More

For crypto-savvy users, TillBilly will provide the freedom to pay with its own decentralised utility token “BILL”, as well as endeavour to support other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.

Solving Complexity 

You are ok with the complexities of acquiring and holding crypto, but let’s face it - an average person is not going to understand public/private keys, wallets and exchanges. They will not adopt a new method if it's not simpler than their current payment methods.

TillBilly will make loading and transacting with cryptocurrency as easy as using a card or Apple Pay. Everyday users can simply link their bank accounts to purchase TillBilly Crypto Credits.

Solving Availability 

Imagine at how many places could you pay with your credit card in the 1970s. The same problem is with the acceptance of cryptocurrencies today. According to coinmap.org there are only around 13K venues dealing with cryptocurrency, including ATMs, globally!

 TillBilly aims to solve this problem with the mass rollout of its payment terminals, allowing users to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases.

Scalability  and Affordability

Will you wait 5 minutes at a checkout waiting for a transaction to process, or pay $2 in transaction fee for a $3 coffee - no, right?

TillBilly will leverage Stellar blockchain infrastructure to deliver a fast (~2000+ TPS) and a low fee (~0.000000 something cents) payments platform.

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