Connecting Payment Providers, Merchants and Consumers


A new age point of sale solution that

  • Enables merchants to accept new and emerging payment methods without complexities

  • Provide consumers the freedom to use their preferred payment methods

  • Help payment providers and crypto currency issuers gain more points of acceptance with simple integration

Payments are undergoing a disruption

Mobile payment methods are going global. For example:

  • AliPay's expansion to Australia

  • Paytm's expansion to Canada

Cryptocurrency payments are seeing an explosive growth

Square payments recorded $70m revenue from Bitcoin in Q1 and Q2 2018 alone

These payment methods can be better for customers

E.g international students and tourists can pay with their native currency or cryptocurrency without the hassle or high fees of foreign exchanges.

And for Merchants

Cheaper fees than accepting card payments. Less or No chargebacks.

So why are Merchants not adopting these new payment methods?

Time and Complexity

Busy merchants do not have the time to go through the individual onboarding and integration processes with each issuer/payment provider for accepting payments.

TillBilly helps merchant with a “unified merchant service” where

  • Merchants can use a single TillBilly point of sales app to accept new payment methods from their customers

  • TillBilly handles the backend onboarding and integration processes with each payment provider


Cryptocurrencies prices can be highly unstable, and merchants want an assured cash flow.

TillBilly helps merchants accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies with assured settlement in fiat currency.

TillBilly Merchants can improve their sales and customer experience by appealing to a new consumer base, and giving shoppers the freedom of choice.

For Payment Providers

Be it a new payment service or a cryptocurrency, its value is largely determined by its adoption and usage.

Hence Payment Providers and Digital Currency issuers want more avenues of acceptance to grow the utility of its service/currency.

TillBilly provides Cryptocurrency issuers and payment providers a common platform/interface to

  • quickly integrate their payment methods and cryptocurrencies

  • leverage TillBilly’s established merchant base in a geography to quickly scale their market adoption

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