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Convenient and sustainable Tap & Go Digital Receipts

Appreciated Loyalty

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World's first integrated smart terminal enabling shoppers to make payments, collect digital receipts and loyalty points with a single tap.

What makes TILLBILLY unique?

Shoppers pay less and Merchants get more with every purchase*

Unlike conventional card and mobile (non-cash) payments where merchants get about 2-4% less than what shoppers pay, TillBilly aims to make payments cheaper for merchants and reward shoppers with credit-back on every purchase.

TillBilly will also allow crypto-savvy users to pay in other cryptocurrencies.

Tap & Go Digital Receipts

Forget those paper receipts that are highly inconvenient for Shoppers, cost merchants money and have a massive impact on the environment.

Just like contactless payment, Digital Receipts are sent straight to the Shopper’s phone with a single “tap” - no private email or phone numbers required.

Loyalty Points are credited automatically

Shoppers do not need to carry dozens of loyalty cards or scan them during checkout, and merchants can get new shoppers signed up with a single click.

Promotions are relevant and non intrusive

No more email newsletters, printed flyers or vouchers. Shoppers find more relevant promotions from the merchants delivered straight into their app.

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